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Septic Inspections

During the septic inspection defects may be noticed by the inspector in the way of too much water seepage in the absorption area or a liquid level which is too high. The inspector will make note of these potential defects and alert the prospective buyers of anything that appears to be concerning in nature. The inspector will be able to provide information to the buyer which can help them to determine whether or not the septic system is in faulty working order and to what extent. Based upon the information gathered by the septic system inspector along with the personal judgment of the buyers, the future potential homeowners must decide if going ahead with the purchase is a wise idea or if the possibly faulty septic system is too much for them to handle.

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    Safe House believes in a high-quality inspection standard. We understand buying a home can be a stressful time for you and your family. With Safe House, we want to help eliminate some of that stress by providing a quality service. Together with Jim & Dave’s combined experience and dedication, they provide the assurance of knowing that you have purchased a Safe House.

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    78% of real estate agents made a recommendation for a specific home inspection company
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    97% believe that the home inspection was a good value for the price they paid